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Before I left on my ocean row, I asked friends and family to write me letters that I could take with me and open. Without realising it, they became a lifeline for me me; reminders from the people who knew me the best, that we could do what we'd set out to achieve.

When I speak about the power of personal purpose, I often suggest that a way to work out your 'why' might be to ask someone to write you a letter. Imagine you were going on your own ocean row; what might they say about you that would remind you of who you are and what you’re capable of?

Letters are so powerful - and increasingly, in our modern world of social media, forgotten about.

It takes time, effort and thought to write a letter. 

I'm in no doubt that some of the people I asked to write me letters considered that I might not return from the Pacific Ocean. 

Some of them entrusted information, details about their lives and their feelings about me that they would never tell me to my face. They projected themselves onto the boat with me, wondering out loud where I might be, what time it was, what I had seen and how exhausted I must be.

I had 72 letters in total. Some days I rationed them, other days I binged. Some letters made me sob. Others made me laugh out loud. 

Every single one helped me escape the very difficult team dynamic on our boat and reminded me of who and what I had waiting for me at home. 

They single-handedly gave me the determination to keep going when all I wanted to do was give up or jump into the ocean to be free from what felt like a bizarre social experiment.

Aside from my discoveries about the authors of these letters, and about myself at times, I also discovered that facial changes from smiling actually trigger brain processes associated with happiness. By reading them, I was forcing myself to smile, reliving the joyful detail of their stories or my memories of their authors. A great coping mechanism.

Even the smell of the letters was reassuring, grounding. They felt REAL at times when I felt as though I was living a nightmare.

I loved this conversation with @samatrinder at the wonderful @binghamriverhouse last week. Thank you for inviting me to share my story 🙏🏼❤️
Zero tekkers. Lots of grit.
Feel the fear and do it anyway…🚴🏻‍♀️🇺🇸
Time spent fretting about disappointing men, being starved of emotional connection or wondering who is in his DMs? 


Time spent surrounded by amazing women? 

❤️ with @amandaalldridge 
❤️ Coaching @pamelamaynard447 
❤️ Cold tubs with @chloeferns 
❤️ Training with @fourtherecord_ 
❤️ Podcasting with @annesebba 
❤️ Flying visit to @allbright 
❤️ Book writing @citylit 
❤️ Galentines with @rozziebatchelar and @lizziebatchelar 

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18 weeks to go until I’m on the start line at @raceacrossamerica 🇺🇸

3,000 miles, non-stop
Target time: > 6 days, 11 hours
Target average speed: 19.7mph 
170,000 feet of climbing

This is when is starts to feel real…😬

When it’s got too big (and too late) to back out ⏰

When you stop seeing it as a cute, lofty goal and realise you have to f*cking deliver 🎯

When your daydreams about cycling through the flat prairies of Kansas and seeing Monument Valley are interrupted by stark reminders of the pain of excruciating saddle sores and chafing 🍑

When you have to buy yourself a framed @realhackneydave print that says ‘Adventure is always a good idea’ to remind yourself that adventure is always a good idea 🫣

What drives me to do these things?

* Fear (of standing still, of failing, of not LIVING my life)
* Desire (to be the person I needed growing up, to discover my potential, to GROW 🌱 and learn and change and adapt)
* Experience (knowing that I’ve faced challenges and overcome them, knowing that I’m taking care of the process, knowing that however terrifying it feels right now, it will all fall into place in the end 🤞🏼)

But more than that, because I’m part of a team of incredible humans and we are all doing our bit to set new boundaries, new World Records, new perceptions amongst younger generations that girls can do ANYTHING. 

My fellow @fourtherecord_ team mates @dani_overbaugh @caz_buckland @deagukat are absolute rockstars and inspire me to raise my game every day. Our growing crew, ably lead by @william_a_medina who knows every inch of the course and every rule in the rule book, backwards. Our sponsors @avanade and @machappareltri our charity partners @inspiringgirlsint my formidable coach @robin.a.brew and cheering squad and @thames_turbo and that’s not even to mention all of my amazing friends supporting me in small (and not so small) ways every day.

Bring on the next 18 weeks. It’s going to be one helluva ride 🚴🏻‍♀️✌🏼

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A U T H E N T I C I T Y ⚡️

If you know who you are and what you want, you can change direction in life. Choose new goals and a different life - a life that YOU want.

This perspective is what inspires me to continue to build a life I don’t want to escape from.

Is there a story you’ve been told about who you are or who you ‘need to be’ that may not be true?

Is the life you have, really the life you want?

Understanding what makes you, YOU and defining what kind of life enables you to BE that person will give you the necessary framework to make the best decisions and resist that awful decline into auto-pilot, where you lose sight of who you are and what your purpose in this life is.

“When your story is the marketing, all you have to do is live. 

The best artists, adventurers and entrepreneurs work this out and essentially hack the universe.

They look like they’re doing a million things but really they’re doing one.

They making art and living inside their work.
They never turn off because there’s nowhere else to go.” @zachpogrob 

Get busy living, there’s nowhere else to go…

Thanks for the mini adventure @dsr___28 @sgo_uk 🤘🏼

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M O M E N T U M 🚀

Last Summer I spent 10 days with a Bedouin tribe in Wadi Rum, climbing the ‘mountain ranges’ scattered across the beautiful, hostile landscape.

I’m afraid of heights. So I proactively (but reluctantly) lean into it, knowing that regular exposure will help dilute it.

On one particular climb, stuck like a lizard to a rock, I became paralysed with fear. There was nowhere to go. No tiny crevice to reach a hand for, no barely-visible platform for my next step. 

I was roped in, but my irrational brain flooded my body with fight or flight responses, so that knowledge didn’t help.

I was stuck. My heart beating wildly, sweat pouring down my back under the sun’s heat and the sudden increase in blood flow around my body. 

“Unless you move SOMETHING, SOMEWHERE you’ll be stuck there until tomorrow morning” my guide shouted unsympathetically in his thick Jordanian accent. 

He urged me to go down, sideways, or up. It didn’t matter where. I had to create the momentum to get out of my predicament. 

I use this example to demonstrate the importance of momentum. It’s a powerful metaphor for paralysis in our everyday lives. When we literally get ’stuck in a rut’ procrastinating over the small stuff, or in the face of big, life-changing decisions.

Movement is associated with the suppression of the fear/courage response and an activation of dopamine in our brains.

It literally reduces our anxiety at a basal level, suppressing threat detection, altering the way the amygdala works 🧠

The hard thing is knowing where and how to start. Taking that leap of faith.

What if it didn’t have to be a leap. What if it could be a shuffle or an inelegant ‘slide’. 

You don’t need to see the whole staircase to take the first step. Just make a start. Create momentum from the smallest thing imaginable. 

What’s a little thing that you can do immediately? Commit and do it. A phone call, a meeting, pick up a book. Open your laptop. Draw a line on a piece of paper. 

DO SOMETHING. Even if you think you’ve achieved nothing, acknowledge that you have taken that step, that you can feel progress. Now just keep doing it.

I promise it feels incredible when you get to the top.
Are you watching? 

@fourtherecord_ 🚴🏻‍♀️
@raceacrossamerica 🇺🇸
@inspiringgirlsint 💫
What if the thing you’re looking to find is what you’re meant to create for yourself…?

#showmewhatyougot #2024 #resolutions #innerstrength #selfreliance ✌🏼
Sometimes, just sometimes, it’s good to put on a shiny dress and drink cocktails…

Everything in moderation 🍸

Seeing New Year in at @binghamriverhouse 80s party with @laurensteadmann and fam ❤️ was just what I needed before turning the page of a tough but vital year.

Now time to get focused for some exciting work events coming up 🎤 and the serious task of setting a new record for @raceacrossamerica 🚴🏻‍♀️

You’ll see me back in lycra sweating it all out soon enough…

Dress by @nadinemerabi for those asking ⚡️

#nye #letyourhairdown #workhardplayhard #2024letsgo 👊🏼
I’ll tell you a secret…
If you hold on for long enough, things will change.

For anyone who has carried discomfort, heartache, loneliness, a heavy load and NAVIGATED the F through it this year, you are amazing. Take a second to appreciate how tough you are. 

Happy Christmas…however any of us spend it (or any day for that matter), the one constant companion in our lives is ourselves. Sometimes we need to recognise just how internally resourceful we are. 

Here’s to you 🥂

#selfreliance #youareamazing #innerstrength #happiness #nothingeverstaysthesame ❤️
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